Energy Storage

Storion offers solutions for any size energy storage need—From small residential systems (1kWh) to utility scale (10 MWh) installations. Contact our energy storage experts to discuss your custom solution today.


Renewable energy generation provides an opportunity for individual isolated or remote users who can operate with (or independently from) a central power grid. Local renewable power sources can be integrated with Storion batteries to effectively manage the needs of a single building, a neighborhood, an office park, or a village.

Microgrids can provide a partial solution to the local power needs, or produce enough energy to satisfy demand and also return power to the regular grid.

Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Upgrade Deferral

As demand for power grows beyond the capacity of existing transmission infrastructure (substations and power lines), providers must find ways to deliver power for the peak demand. Expensive upgrades to the system infrastructure (ie, new wires and transmission equipment) can be deferred (or avoided entirely) by installing local sources of power (renewables plus batteries, or perhaps batteries alone). Point-of-service batteries eliminate the need to transmit the extra power from central power plants, doing away with the need to deploy new T&D equipment.


Government-mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) require utilities to use more and more solar and wind power generation. Storion batteries capture excess power generated by intermittent solar and wind resources, and return it to the grid when those sources aren't available, ensuring reliable power without wasting any of the generated energy. Combining renewables and batteries removes the need for contstruction of additional fossil fuel power plants or purchasing energy from expensive supplemental sources.


Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) have traditionally used diesel generators to provide power for remote military operations. Tranportation to deliver diesel fuel is expensive and risks lives. Conversion to quiet renewable power generation to replace noisy diesel generators not only provides ecological benefits, but also gives a tactical advantage in the operating theater.

As with utilities, permanent military bases are transitioning to a higher percentage of renewable power generation. In addition, they need a strategic power reserve to ensure continued operation of critical functions during grid power outages. Storion batteries provide the storage necessary to enable renewable adoption and to ensure critical mission success.

Commercial and Industrial

Where grid connected, reduce utility demand charges and speed interconnection of onsite renewables. Storion batteries enable any commercial or industrial enterprise to lower costs and enhance their public image by moving to renewable power sources. Rooftop solar panels, wind turbines, and flow batteries can be integrated with factories, office buildings, and retail stores, enabling businesses to control their power costs without being subject to variance in unpredictable utility charges.

By converting to renewables with storage, companies can proudly develop marketing strategies that confirm their commitment to the community and the environment.

We offer storage solutions for the following markets and applications:

Renewable energy generation provides clean electricity and reduces use of environmentally harmful fossil fuels. Unfortunately, wind & solar power sources are intermittent and unpredictable: Wind turbines only make electricity when the wind is blowing, and solar panels only make electricity when the sun is shining.

Without storage, renewable electricity must be used the moment it is generated. But with the cost-effective power storage provided by Storion batteries, the excess power generated can be stored until needed—providing constantly reliable power throughout the day and night.