Storion Management Team

Mohan Misra, Ph.D. — Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Dr. Mohan Misra founded ITN Energy Systems in 1995, after serving 19 years with Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) in Materials Research, Development and Manufacturing. Under Dr. Misra’s leadership, ITN has pioneered numerous new technologies and processes, resulting in successful product commercialization through five separate spinoff companies. ITN spinoffs Global Solar Energy and Ascent Solar Technologies have attracted over $500 M investment in bringing their thin-film CIGS photovoltaic products to the marketplace.

As Founder/CEO, Dr. Mohan Misra directs daily operations and guides technology development and commercialization strategies. Dr. Misra founded ITN Energy Systems to pursue the advancement of technologies in energy, space, and environmental areas, and has assembled a team of top scientists, technicians, executives, and business staff that shares his passion for the company's goals. Dr. Misra has pioneered a business model where technologies developed through advanced research are brought to the commercial market through strategic alliances with established manufacturing enterprises.

Throughout his career, Dr. Misra has developed and implemented several key technologies, including thin-film photovoltaics, smart materials and structures, advanced composites, and lightweight structures. Dr. Misra received Martin Marietta‘s Jefferson Cup (the corporation‘s highest award for outstanding technical achievement) in 1984 and 1987, Martin Marietta’s Inventor of the Year Award in 1982, and the American Foundrymen’s Society award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in 1980. Dr. Misra holds a BS-Metallurgical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University – India, a MS-Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Washington – Seattle, and a Ph.D.-Metallurgical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Brian Berland, Ph.D. — Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Berland oversees all technical projects at Storion, and provides guidance to the team not only for technical direction, but also to ensure that research proceeds with a focus on commercialization. He helps coordinate business development activities including cost-modeling, development of strategic partnerships, and definition of product performance requirements/market identification to support successful commercial transition and scale-up.

Prior to joining Storion, Dr. Berland had been with ITN Energy Sytems since 1998, after completing his post-doctoral studies at the University of Colorado. Dr. Berland holds a BS in Chemistry from Carleton College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado.

Ashutosh Misra — Executive Vice President, Business and Corporate Development

Mr. Misra serves as head of business and corporate development activities at Storion, where he is responsible for leading the commercialization of Storion's products. In addition to creating and enhancing government and business relationships around the world, his responsibilities include raising capital, assisting with manufacturing scale-up, demonstration units deployment, product cost modeling, vendor development, and supply chain/product certifications. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Misra was Executive VP of Business and Corporate Development at ITN Energy Systems. He was one of the founding team members of Ascent Solar Technologies (which was spun out of ITN in 2005), where he served through 2011. During the course of 6 years ASTI, Mr. Misra played a key role as part of the senior management team, initially as head of operations and corporate affairs, and later as head of corporate and business development. Mr. Misra holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Bangalore University in India, and a M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.