Storion Energy Acquired by Stryten Energy.

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The demand for electricity never exactly matches the supply -- especially as more of the world turns to clean renewable energy sources like wind and solar for power production. Batteries can store the electricity until it's needed, but until now battery costs have been too high.

The Storion Innovation

Storion’s redox flow battery combines multiple innovations to achieve the electrical energy storage performance and economy required for worldwide adoption for power grids, microgrids (rural electrification), and renewable energy power distribution. These innovations include:

  • Increased power density—More power available from smaller units
    Material advances for better performance and lower cost
  • Next generation membrane
  • Metallic and organic electrolyte chemistries
  • Safety—Non-flammable components

The Energy Workhorse battery was designed to match the 30+ year lifetime of solar cells and wind turbines. Its simple design also minimizes maintenance and operational cost. The Energy Workhorse is the missing link for harnessing environmentally friendly renewable power!

Solutions for any application,
from residential to utility scale

for the Modern Grid